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Electronic Beam Lithography


  • Micrometric and sub-micrometric dimensioned pattern elaboration on thin layers. Patterns implemented by:
    • Lift-off: technique used to make structures by evaporating metallic layers.
    • Etching, which can be:
      • Physical (ions), for the construction of structures where a high precision is needed.
      • Chemical (acid).
electron lithography system ion bean etching system

Technical characteristics

  • Equipment: Elphy Plus by Raith, formed by an external module connected to a microscope and an electron beam commuter.
  • Etching done with the 683 Met-Etch, used for the remove the parts not covered by the electro-resin (which defines the structure to implement).
  • Parameters:
    • Energy of the ion of the gas used (generally argon, although also iodine can be used).
    • Intensity of the electron beam.
    • Attack duration.


  • Resolution of 2nm (aprox) for voltaje of 30 KV.
  • Bridges down to 200 nm width.

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