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InfrastructureSputtering systems for thin film growth

Sputtering systems for thin film growth

in-house built sputtering system

Two sputtering systems to grow thin films of different materials on top of single-crystal substrates. One of them is an in-house development.

commercial sputtering system

The commercial system allows the motorized positioning of the substrate. The in-house development has a high-vacuum chamber with a pre-chamber. Currently, they are used mainly to regularly grow metallic and ceramic films of thickness 50 to 300nm.

Main specifications:

  • Sputtering gas: Ar/O2 or pure O2.
  • Pressures down to 10-8 mbar.
  • Temperature of the substrate: up to 900 ºC.
  • Pulverization power: 5 W/cm2 (aprox).
  • Pulverization current: 400 mA (aprox).
  • Possibility of using 2 targets.
  • dc and rf power supplies
  • Growth rate: 1 nm/min (aprox.)
  • Growth surface: 1x1 cm2
  • Possibility of growing multilayers.

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