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InfrastructureMiscellaneous auxiliary equipment for sample preparation

Miscellaneous auxiliary equipment for sample preparation

ball mill
  • Ball Mill (PM-100, Retsch)
  • Low speed diamond saw (IsoMet, Buehler)
  • Wire saw (South Bay Technology)
  • High precission scale (AT-20, Mettler, 1 µg precision, up to 22 g).
  • Precision scale (Scaltec, 0.1 mg precision, up to 120 g)
  • Grinder-Polisher (Minimet 1000, Buehler)
  • Sieve shaker (RP-13, CISA)
  • Ultrasonic bath (Selecta)
  • Optical stereo microscopes (Zeiss)
  • etc.
precision scale
optical stereo microscope
low speed wire and diamond saws, and other equipment

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