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SQUID magnetometer

SQUID magnetometer

High-resolution magnetometer based in the superconducting quantum interference effect (SQUID). Used for the measurement of magnetic properties of different materials. Equiped with various additional modules and options, such as:

  • RSO (improves the sensibility to 10-8 emu),
  • 4He liquifier (for cost reduction), 3He refrigeration (iQuantum, able to cool down to 0.5K),
  • oven up to 800K,
  • ultra low field (ULF, 0.01Oe),
  • horizontal angle selection (0-360º in steps of 0.1º),
  • extended dynamic range (up to 300emu).

It may be combined with electrical transport measurement systems such as the one in our lab.

Main specifications:

  • Ultra Low Field (ULF): allows using magnetic fields below 0.01 Oe.
  • Oven: allows reaching temperatures up to 800 K.
  • iQuantum 3He refrigerator: allows to cool down to 0.5 K.
  • Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO): sample positioning system, which improves the resolution in magnetic moment (better than 10-8 emu).
  • Extended Range: extends the measurement range to 300 emu.
  • Uniformity of the intrinsic field of 0.01% above 4 cm.
  • Resolution of the magnetic field in the measurement region: ~1 G up to 7 T and ~0.2 G up to 0.6 T.
  • Temperature variation rate: up to 10 K/min between 300 K and 10 K and up to 2 K/min between 10 K and 2 K.
  • Temperature stability of ±0.2%.
  • Automated control unit for the temperature of the magnetic field and the measurement system.

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