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InfrastructureHigh-precision and pulsed electrical measurement system

High-precision and pulsed electrical measurement system

in-house built high-precision electrical measurement system

In-house development (singular equipment not commercially available). Used to study reduced-dimensionality samples avoiding degradation by self-heating. Used also in the study of critical and supercritical currents in wires, tapes, and thin films of high-Tc superconductors.

Main specifications:

The singular developments include:

  • System for pulses >1ms: High-power equipment (8V/580A source, pulse amplifier 20V/400A).
  • System for pulses from 5ms to 50ns: Low power setup (max. 100V).
  • System for pulses from 500ns to 10ns: Low power setup 20A/60V.

These systems also include the oscilloscopes (up to 1GHz), data adquisition cards (200kS/s), micro and nanovoltimeters, lock-in amplifiers, etc., needed for the measurement of the effects of the pulses.

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