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InfrastructureHigh-field Magnets & Cryostats

High-field Magnets & Cryostats

cryostat with 10 Tesla superconducting magnet

Used to study electrical and thermal transport properties of materials at low temperatures and in large applied magnetic felds. Some apparatus are also valid to study properties of superfluid liquid helium.

Main specifications:

  • 4He cryostat with a 10T magnet (Oxford).
  • Continuous-flow 4He cryostat (Oxford) installed on a 1.5T magnet.
  • 4He cryostat (Cryogenic), with a 16T magnet and a 3He variable temperature insert.
  • Pyrex Dewar with optical windows to perform experiments in superfluid liquid He.
  • Susceptometer MANICS. Temperatures 4.2 to 300K. Magnetic fields up to 1.75T.
  • Nitrogen and helium containers, transfer tubes, etc.
cryostat with 1.5 Tesla magnet
continuous-flow 4-He cryostat

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