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SQUID Magnetometer

SQUID system


  • Magnetometer based on SQUID detectors (Superconductor device of quantum interference).
  • Used for the measurement of magnetic properties of different materials.
  • Model MPMS-XL7 of Quantum Design.

Technical features:

  • Ultra Low Field (ULF): it allows doing measures with magnetic fields less tan 1 mGauss.
  • Oven (800 K): it allows reaching temperatures up to 800 K.
  • iQuantum (3He): refrigeration with helium 3 which allows to cool down to 0.5 K.
  • Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO): sample positioning system, which improves in two magnitude orders the resolution in comparison to the conventional DC system.
  • Extended Range: extends the measurement range up to 300 emu.
  • Uniformity of the intrinsic field of 0.01% above 4 cm.
  • Resolution of the magnetic field in the measurement region: from 1 Gauss up to 7 Tesla and from 0.2 Gauss up to 0.6 Tesla.
  • Temperature variation rate: up to 10 K/min between 300 K and 10 K and up to 2 K/min between 10 K and 2 K.
  • Sensibility around 10-8 emu.
  • Temperature stability of ±0.2%.
  • Automated control unit for the temperature of the magnetic field and the measurement system.

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