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Sputtering system for thin film growth

sputtering system


  • Synthesis of thin films deposited on monocrystal substrates.
  • Films formed by atoms extracted from a target (YBCO) of the material we want to grow, bombing with ions generated by the application of a high voltage (1000 V aprox) on a low pressured gas (1 Torr aprox), in this case oxygen.
  • The film grown maintains the same stoichiometric composition as the target's material.

Technical features

  • Reactive atmosphere.
  • Temperature of the substrate for deposition up to 850 oC.
  • Oxygen pressure: 1.5 Torr (aprox).
  • Pulverization power: 5 W/cm2 (aprox).
  • Pulverization current: 400 mA (aprox).
  • Pressures down to mbar.
  • Possibility of using 2 targets.


  • Layers growing velocity of 50 nm/hour.
  • Superficial dimension of 1x1 cm2.
  • Generation of metallic and ceramic layers.
  • Possibility of growing multilayers.


  • The LBTS has 2 sputtering systems. One of them permits the motorized positioning of the substrate, and the other has a pre-chamber and a chamber of high vacuum.

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