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Measurement of electrical and thermal transport properties.

transport property measurement setup

Technical features:

  • System composed by a continuous flux cryostat plus a set of electrical sources, pulse generators, amplifiers and oscilloscopes.
  • Types of measurements:
    • i. Voltage-current curves
      • a) Low dissipation
        • High precision (nanovolts)
      • b) High dissipation
        • Pulsed current
        • Measurements in the range of milliseconds or of nanoseconds.
    • ii. Resistivity
    • iii. Magneto-resistance up to 16 T.
    • iv. Thermo-electrical effects.


  • Measurements in the temperature range from 1 K to 400 K.
  • This kind of measurements can be extended to magnetic fields up 16 T, using the superconducting magnets existing in the LBTS.

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