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Books authored by LBTS members and students finish 2017 among best-sellers in amazon

Since 2016, LBTS organizes the publication program "Unveiling new advances in the physics and technology of materials" ("Dando a conocer nuevos avances en la física y tecnología de materiales"). This is done in collaboration with GIDFI (Grupo de Innovación Docente y Difusión de la Física) and using editorial services by E&GJ Press. The aim of the program is to bring to a wider audience the recent advances in the research of materials physics. The books usually cover both developments at our laboratory and reviews of leading topics in related subjects. Notably, some of the books are coauthored by students at LBTS in connection with their end-of-grade or end-of-master works.

The collection is distributed worldwide through the on-line platform amazon. We now proudly announce that some of them have finished the year 2017 among the most popular books in the categories in which amazon has chosen to commercialize them:

  • The book "Cálculo de medios filtrantes de nanofluídos" authored by L.F. Requejo and M.V. Ramallo (available here) finished in the top-three best selling list of books written in Galician language in the (rather broad) category of Sciences, Technologies and Medicine. It also ranked whithin the 400 best selling books of 2017 in Galician language in any category.
  • The books "Física estadística del gas ideal bidimensional" by A.S. Viz and M.V. Ramallo (available here) and "Películas micro- y nanoestructuradas de superconductores de alta temperatura: Computación de su transición resistiva" by J.C. Verde and M.V. Ramallo (available here) also closed 2017 with strong performances, ranked among the top-200 best selling titles in Spanish language in their categories. Amazon listed them as 187th and 190th best-sellers in Spanish in the categories of Physics and of Technology and Engineering, respectively.

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