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J.C. Verde, Ph.D. student at LBTS, returns from 3-month stay with Nobel Prize winner A.J. Leggett

Josť C. Verde, Ph. D. student at LBTS under the supervision of Manuel V. Ramallo, is about to finish his 3-month research stay in the University of Urbana-Champaign, USA, where he has conducted research in collaboration with, and under the supervision of, famous physicist Anthony J. Leggett, Nobel Price winner in 2003 for his outstanding research leading to the identification of the phenomenon of superfluidity in liquid 3He in the 1970's

This stay has been focused in conducting calculations about the novel hybrid superconductor+piezoelectric materials being grown and measured at LBTS. These hybrid systems allow a tunable control (by means of the application of an external electrical field) of the basic characteristics of the quantum superconducting coherence, such as the critical temperature at which superconductivity occurs, the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition, or the Bose-Einstein precondensation. They also exhibit a giant electrical piezo-resistance that may be linked to the former effects.

The research in hybrid superconductor+piezoelectric systems at LBTS is being funded by Spain's MINECO under action of the "Excelent science" program. J.C. Verde is also a FPU grantee of the same Ministery.

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