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LBTS Lab of the QMatterPhotonics Research Group [ » Lab members and contact info » ]

A laboratory of the research group QMatterPhotonics of the Faculty of Physics of the Santiago de Compostela University, Spain
Address: Faculty of Physics, Campus Vida S/N, ES-15782 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña) Spain.


  • The collaboration with Nobel Prize A.J. Leggett resulted in the Ph.D. thesis
    this summer of J.C. Verde, cosupervised with M.V. Ramallo as echoed in various
    media and the University pressnote

  • Newspaper La Voz de Galicia echoes the research of J.C. Verde, Ph.D. student at LBTS
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  • Books authored by LBTS members and students finish 2017 among best-sellers in amazon
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  • J.C. Verde, Ph.D. student at LBTS, returns from 3-month stay with Nobel Prize winner A.J. Leggett
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  • Funding approved for two new research networks participated by LBTS
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  • Kosterlitz and Thouless awarded 2016 Nobel Prize for discovery of famous BKT transition, which occurrence in cuprate superconductors is among the research topics of LBTS
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